четверг, 28 ноября 2013 г.

Homework for 29.11.13

То get information about my interest, I often check out gaming website. Whenever I want to keep up with the latest news, I watch TV news and read local newspapers like "Chelyabinsk Worker". To chill out, I watch funny videos. My favorite TV program is "Today" on NTV. When I want to express my own opinion, I post some comments on humor website, for example - pikabu.ru or reddit.com. To catch up with my friends news and share my own, I use vk.com and twitter.com.

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  1. Thanks!
    Iliya, a gaming website or gaming websites?
    Please, add some info about:
    Which gaming websites do you use?
    Where do you get those funny videos from?
    What kind of program is 'Today'?
    What kind of sites are vk.com and twtter.com?