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Домашняя работа

   Стивен Кинг «Туман»

    David Drayton goes to the town for groceries with his five year old son and a neighbor Norton. He left his wife at home in the small town thestate of Maine - cleaning up after the night storm and wait for electricians.

    From the side of the lake goes strange fog enveloping all around ... Already in store, David understands that something serious had happened... In the fog of is located something sinister that blocks the way out. Situation is aggravated by Mrs. Carmody, a local "crazy," which is their interpretation of what washappening...

   Брэм Стокер «Дракула»

   Bram Stoker's novel - the proverbial classic vampire genre, and his Dracula - a truly immortal being who had experienced a lot of film adaptations and became the embodiment of the most treacherous and mysterious, that can only human imagination. You will hear five voices, telling us about their experiences nightmarish meetings with Dracula.
   Lucie received a fatal bite and gradually becoming a vampire, her lover, not finding a place of despair, a courageous doctor recognizing the sinister signs... Excerpts from their diaries and letters will be step by step brings you closer to solving the sinister secrets.

 Стивен Кинг «Кэрри»

   Carrie - ordinary girl in a small provincial town, on which all the bullied, "white crow". She wears an old-fashioned, do not walk with their peers. Her mother was strict and religious woman, who annoys her no less than their classmates.
   For a long time, she has accumulated a grudge and anger, pent-up anger... Not yet discovered her telekinetic abilities. And that's when it all unjust will know who she is, and will pay, the whole town will receive full settlement for all the humiliation that survived Carrie... 

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